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New ATMs for postal services. Revolution Underway

Leading Client in the communications and services sector in Italy, is preparing for an epochal transformation with the activation of 1,186 new ATMs during 2024. The old counters will be replaced with modern and efficient systems. This ambitious project, part of Project Polis, will revolutionize the way Italians interact with general services.

Mts-Care srl will be engaged with its organization in the ATM activation plan that extends across the national territory, with targeted distribution covering every region, from Abruzzo to Valle d’Aosta. In particular, regions like Lombardy and Piedmont will see a significant presence of new counters, with 301 and 325 new ATMs respectively.

The Project


But what makes this project so special? In addition to replacing the old counters, the client actively engages in the Digital Citizenship Services Hubs. This initiative, aims to reduce the digital divide and promote economic and social cohesion in the less reached areas of the country.

The Project is structured along two main lines: “Single Counter” and “Spaces for Italy”. Through the Single Counter, the client simplifies access to services in smaller and more remote centers, ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens. Spaces for Italy, on the other hand, offer coworking and training spaces, promoting innovation and local development. 

The benefits arising from this initiative are not limited solely to the social and economic sphere. The client also commits to reducing environmental impact, adopting a responsible and sustainable approach. Through the True Value methodology, the company measures the effectiveness of its projects not only in financial terms but also in terms of benefits for the community and the environment.

During the implementation and operational phase of the Offices, significant positive impacts are expected, including job creation, reduction of polluting emissions, and improvement of road safety. These results are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



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